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Costa Dorada at night: Reus. El Racó de la Palma. Concert.

21 November 2009


Costa Dorada at night: Reus. El Racó de la Palma. Concert.   Reus. El Racó de la Palma. Passeig Mata corner with Ample. Nomada la GHANA. Rumba-rock fusion Reus Wake Cycle (2nd edition) Nomada comes directly from the Ghana womb of mother earth as a warning. The group is a cry of party content and solvent treatment of neuro-ideological anarchists and suffering resulting from the rancid professionalism, lack of time to breathe and laugh, competition, hypocrisy, the inferiority complex and ultimately submission to "what there is." They recorded a demo autoeditado except bad night (2007) and a CD for the BSO Although the documentary on the March (2008) ... Regarding the languages used most frequently to compose are Catalan, Spanish and even Esperanto, under a fusion of different musical styles (rumba, rock, folk, reggae ...). GESAMÍ voice MAURO low MOUHCINE guitar CARLOS cajón Ticket + drink minimum: 3 €

Tags: costa dorada, pira, rallyracc, world rally, ballroom dancing, sports competitions, sports, marathons, half marathons
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