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New Soletes join the Repsol Guide

Arena Restaurant

Salou. Costa Dorada. 23 October 2023.
A total of 9 establishments, 7 from Tarragona city and 2 from Reus, have been incorporated in 2023 as Soletes to the Repsol Guide. Between the two cities there are already almost thirty Soletes recognized for their proposals. For its part, Salou has 4 Soletes.
Specifically, the establishments that have been incorporated as Solete into the Repsol Guide are “El Tamboret”, “Amaranto”, “Jasmine”, “Osteria del Lab”, “Casa Quadrat”, “A la Vora de l'Ebre” i “Mercería 34”, in the city of Tarragona; and “Ajumma” and “La Manigua” in Reus. With this new selection, Tarragona has 19 Solete establishments and Reus has 8.
For its part, Salou has 4 Solete establishments:
  • El Rinconcito de Manel
  • Terramar
  • Arena
  • Mesón del Segoviano
In addition, Salou has a "Sun" from the Repsol Guide, which is also a Michelin Star: the Deliranto restaurant.
Los Soletes recognize bars, restaurants and leisure venues that have withstood the passing of the years or fashions without losing their charm, or are new proposals created to make the most of the city without spending too much.
The Solete Repsol Guide collects the trends of each moment, and focuses on the effervescence that is occurring in urban centers. According to the Repsol Guide experts, the center has become the natural environment for “fast good” kitchens, with a quick and simple, but honest and well-made proposal, which has taken root in record time.
Since the birth of the Solete, in summer 2021, the award-winning establishments are classified into the following categories:
  • bars and taverns, for when you feel like having a beer or a soft drink and snacking on something
  • cafes and pastry shops, for breakfast and snacks, homemade pastries or freshly roasted coffee
  • restaurants and eateries, for a good menu or luxury dinner in an affordable place
  • wine bars and cocktail bars, where you can toast with any excuse
“There is always a perfect place depending on the moment: for mid-morning coffee, for vermouth, to turn a working lunch into an enjoyment, or for an informal snack before the most sophisticated cocktail. The Soletes have that versatility, which is why they are succeeding in such a transversal way,” explains Maria Ritter, director of Guía Repsol.

With this latest delivery, there are now almost 3,600 establishments throughout Spain that have the Solete Guía Repsol sticker on the door. They can be consulted on the website or in the Repsol Guide app, where you will discover these and other establishments to enjoy in any town or city.

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