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Featured Castellera and the last Thunderstorm Sant Pere

29 June 2013 21:00

Last day of the Festival of Sant Pere Reus.

The events planned for the last day of the Feast of Sant Pere Reus begin early in the morning with pipers and breakfasts and evening culminated with a concert at Sant Jordi's Park.


  • 7:00, the old town, traditional mornings, by the different groups in the city pipers and stick Corps veterans choir Reus, cloudy mornings, by members of the Devils Dance and drummers, and Ball Joan Pere Barceló galejades mornings.
  • 8:00 pm in a range of establishments breakfasts. This year, after the festival and to face the day of St. Peter's hard, you can go to breakfast the following establishments, including: American Bar, Bon Mar Bar, The Barrel Bar, Café of the Brotherhood, The Cellar The Godfather , Meson Restaurant 158 ​​and the Rosary.
  • 9:00 pm, from the Casa Rull and from different rooftops of the city, 29 warnings fireworks to wake Reus.
  • 9:00 pm from Bell Priory of St. Peter and touch party out of the Giants from the City Council through the streets and squares of the city.
  • 9:30 to 14:00 am at the Priory of St. Peter, veneration of the reliquary bust of St. Peter, except for times of worship.
  • 10:00 pm in the museum space REUS Pl. Freedom taste PARTY! Active visit the exhibition and now I PARTY tasting cake with cherries! For the general public and family For more information, pricing and registration, pebbles Education:, codol.educacio @ or telephone 977 327 362. It is essential to book in advance. There Collaboration: Confectionery Padreny.
  • At 10:00 am and 12:30 pm in the Priory of St. Peter, holding mass.
  • From 10:00 to 12:30 am at Bell Priory of St. Peter visits the bell, by members of the Scout and Guide Mercy.
  • 10:00 pm, the downtown streets AND Market Square, the performance of bugle and drums Virgin of Mercy.
  • 10:00 pm Sanctuary MERCY, Old Tribute Vespa Club Vespa motorcycles concentration of 50 (manufactured from 1953 to 1959), during the celebration of the 58th Anniversary of the Founding of the Vespa Club Reus.
  • From 11: 00 to 13:30 am at RAILROAD PARK, train rides for children and adults. Route 5 minutes. Organizers: Association of Friends of Railway Reus.
  • 11:30 am at the market square, Rain and action groups showcasing festive city.
  • 13:00 pm in Market Square, once the parade, exhibition casteller Children Reus.
  • Once the action castellera, popular food offered jointly by Children of Reus and the House Despertaferro, Rosich Street and Martin Street Napolitano. Tickets to the 9 and 3 bar tavern Despertaferro.
  • From 14: 00 to 18:00 am at RAILROAD PARK, train rides for children and adults. Route 5 minutes. Organizers: Association of Friends of Railway Reus.
  • 17:30, from Bell Priory of St. Peter Feast of touch and going to the office of the municipal corporation authorities, accompanied by festive groups in the city.
  • 18:30 pm in the Priory of St. Peter, Solemn Office, concelebrated Mass presided by Archbishop Jaume Pujol Balcells by community elders of the city, with the musical accompaniment of the choir Reus and the Priory organ. When the image of St. Peter comes to the door of the Priory, the Eagle made his Solemn Short Dance
  • 18:45 from the pit velvet boot festive parade groups in the city.
  • 19:30 pm, the downtown streets, beginning of the solemn procession with the cross and candlesticks, the choir, the reliquary bust of St. Peter, the minstrels of the City, the flag of Reus, the marinate, authorities, the police and the gala, closes the procession, the Symphonic Band of Reus. When the reliquary of St. Peter start lowering the Old Moat, ringing of bells with the touch of general warnings and fireworks celebration. When the image arrives at St. Peter's Market Square, spectacular dance groups of all holidays. When the image is placed in front of City Hall, a thunderstorm breaks out behind the festival.
  • Then the image of St. Peter will head to the Priory, and when you reach the door, a large party and thunder burst overhead. Once the image back to the urn of the main altar of the Priory, shall be kept with the three keys that guard the Mayor, the Prior and formerly the trustee of the community prior to next year.
  • When finished, return to the festive Market Square. Latest danced, lit the vibe and the Dragon and the carretillada Devils Dance and fireworks shows (by the Devil Dance with the collaboration of Thomas Benicarlo pyrotechnics), which put an end to the feast of St. Peter this year.
  • 24:00 am at the Borrell ANTON SQUARE, Young Concert FM High. The best music to dance and to finish our big day of the festival.
  • 24:00 pm LA PALMA, dancing crows, rooks with groups

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