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Reus. Bravium Theater. The bad woman. Reading club.

26 November 2009


Reus. Bravium Theater. The bad woman. Reading club.   8 pm   The bad woman   In Barcelona, some time ago that there were children dying, children of prostitutes, who dare not report kidnappings to the police. The rumor was becoming more popular and stronger until an inspector, Corvo Moses, a man drinking a little, you think puter and occasionally must be decisive and make a fist ol'arma fire, according the case, start interest in the case. The investigations of Corvo through a luxury brothel, the House of the Moor by Casino Arrabassada, a cover of business corruption of minors to taverns, Teatrino, medical consultations sonata and houses a hair of the most thunderstorms ... The high instances of police depart from the case investigator and his assistant, John unhealthy, even claiming that there is no issue because there has been no complaint, but sickly and attractions are not satisfied and continue asking questions disadvantages in an attitude that reveals the shortcomings of the police at the time and the helplessness of most of the people to justice. Based on a real case that shook the Barcelona of the early years of the twentieth century, sadly led by the so-called vampire street Speaker, "The bad woman is a striking and original novel that confirms the literary talent of Marc Shepherd. Audacious in its approach and structure, the novel won the First Prize Crimes Ink appeals constantly to the sensitivity and intelligence of the reader and contains terms that will not leave anyone indifferent.  

Tags: costa dorada, pira, comedy, classical theater, children's theater, theatrical cycle, opera, theater
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