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The thunder and fireworks

28 June 2013 22:00

Festival of Sant Pere Reus 2013.

Feast of Sant Pere Reus 2013

A day full of festivities and traditional parts of the city. The storm's parade at half past nine, and St. Peter's Eve, with many festival in various parts of the city, are the most anticipated events.

At Jardí de la Casa Rull at 13:00h.
Concert with Vermouth
: Ghetto Orchestra

On the streets of downtown, from 17:00h.
Parade with the Giants, Eagles and Nanos. More traditional events.

In Mercadal Square, from 21.30h.
The Courtship of Thunderstorm & Castle fire.

Verbena de Sant Pere, from 24:00.
Music, Orchestra and party until the wee hours of the morning in various parts of the city:
  • Llibertat Square
  • La Palma
  • Sant Jordi Park.

In addition, throughout the entire day of festivities and traditional open as museums, the bell ringing, city tours ...

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