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The company Trakatap leads the Tap Night

Reus. Costa Dorada. Tap Night, which takes place this Saturday, June 10, in the Bartrina Theater, has suffered a last minute change to the company main protagonist of the show. Fault has caused the organization Tapeplas can not perform the action. The time of performance is maintained at 21:00 pm Trakatap is a newly established company, founded in 2005. The proposed show for this Saturday, titled "Trakatap 'is versatile and also merge the tap with different musical styles such as swing, funk and Brazilian music, will perform songs, dance over lids Spam or play with the lights, among many other surprises. Meanwhile, on Tuesday July 6 begins the cycle of Cinema La Palma, the movie Planet 51. The screening will begin at half past 11 pm, is suitable for all audiences and the ticket price is 3.5 euros. It's an animated film, which screened in Catalan dubbed version. Explains how a family of aliens living peacefully on your planet when it comes Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker, an American astronaut who lands on Planet 51 thinking it is the first person to arrive. "Chuck" is surprised when he discovers that the planet is inhabited by little green creatures that live happily and that their only concern is being invaded by aliens.  

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