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Concert programme for the concerts of the Ruta del Cister 2011

Concert programme for the concerts of the Ruta del Cister 2011

DETAILED PROGRAMME 2011 July 16 - Poblet Monastery O VOS OMNES The mass-century secular XVI European Renaissance-male choir- The parody mass was a very common type of composition during the Renaissance European. The feature of these masses was that the composer used material existing music to build a new music. This material could come a piece of the same composer or other contemporary composers, as well as of the past. Also, this material could be both sacred and profane; Masses can be found based on musical themes that speak of love, war ... This inaugural concert will take a trip to the mass of the parodic Hispanic Renaissance, with works of T. L. In Victoria, C. Morales and F. Guerrero always listening in earlier works where they get the material for composing them. We feel what use is the author of this material, respecting it and transforming it to be almost unrecognizable, but created, provided high quality work, as corresponds to the representatives of the golden age of Hispanic music Francisco Ortega, countertenor Frame Wars, countertenor Marc Diaz, countertenor Bruno Anguera, tenor Sergio Arroyo, baritone Gerard Ramos, baritone Francisco-Javier Melgarejo, low Fernando Corral, low Xavier Pastrana, director July 23 - Monastery of Santes Creus August Tharrats BLUES-SWING SESSION. Concert-Exclusive- Blues / Swing "It do not mean a thing if It Is not Got That Swing" Duke Ellington said that next if more or less "this music is worthless if you do not swing!" This is why we have decided to gather Santes Creus important names of the blues and swing that is made in Catalonia and the unifier that we wanted to be a musician reference regarding these styles: the August Tharrats. This is why it has met with great musicians that are or have been part of the month iconic bands that emerged in Catalonia in the last forty years with that perform a repertoire consisting of classic popularized by Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Billie Holiday ... focusing the concert will focus on works created between 20 and 40 of the last century and was making a tour of New Orlens in Chicago and that is the bedroom of Santes Creus has always been happy to live in a concert of this type , and why we repeat event with quality, dynamism, skill and sympathy, through this proposal specifically prepared for our concerts. August Tharrats-piano Nono Fernandez - bass Anton Jarl-Battery Johana Jarl - voice And the special collaboration of: Ricard Gili-Trumpet (Black Locomotive) Amadeu Casas-Guitar (Strollin'band, Tandoori Lenoir, ..) Pep Pascual-sax (ex La Vella Dixieland, Pascal Comelade, ...) July 30 - Monastery of Santes Creus Mazon FISNA that death do us part-rock song A gustàs enjoy the monastery of the presentation of "Till death do us part", which represents a step forward, but risky firm background in the race is the race music MANET. If James once said Plan as the goldsmith pop, this album confirms it categorically. The melodies take center stage and the Beach Boys' legacy is mixed with Kraftwerk, the songs on a disc to play consistently with the desire to experiment. Step by step, the musician Empordà has been collecting a public increasingly large, wrought-based adventures such as a marathon tour of 31 consecutive days and especially songs like "Euphoria" and "I find the plants die" already hymns are true. The new drive appears, then, at the height of the popularity of MANET, and certifies the large number of concerts planned, especially the official who stars on May 21 at the Palau de la Musica. August 6 - Monastery of Vallbona de les Monges SUSAN GRAHAM Neves and LISTEN Soprano, piano Opera arias. 13 August - Royal Monastery of Santes Creus The Jackson Singers Esprirituals black-gospel A gustàs received cicel legendary concert at The Jackson Singers. Training founded founded by Bob Jackson of Indianapolis, USA in 1983. In 2002 the Mr. Jackson died and his music director always Fitzroy Burroughs became the leader of the group. Although the singers and musicians are from different areas of the USA, they all have one thing in common - a heartfelt appreciation for the experience of the Gospel and Spiritual Sundays in church. Music with a message from the Americas and Black on Black heritage. More Famous Spirituals and Gospels, and others, performed in the style of funky Jackson Singers, plus an extensive repertoire with music ranging from Mahalia Jackson to Aretha Franklin or Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel Quality il'enforç carry them exclusively is justified by observing the input names of the artists who performed: Oscar Peterson, Lionel Hampton, Odetta, Paul Anka, Olivia Molina, Jose Carreras and many other international stars. I sincerely believe that this is a group that can make history from the formations that have been presented to the monastery and why we do in special recommendation. Fitzroy Burroughs - leader, tenor and music director Gina Dunn - Soprano Denise Holmes - Alto Brad Summers - baritone Leon Johnson - Piano Ramani Krishna - Electric Bass Fulgencio Medina - Drums August 14 - Bellpuig Urgell VINTAGE BAND Amadeu Casas Blues / Jazz archaic The geographical conditions have been the key to the birth of a style of music, the result the disorientation of the black community in thrall to the white man. The Blues was born in the southern United States in the area Louissiana where its capital, New Orleans, is the meeting point of cultures where many slaves, in adapting the methods of interpreting Europe, united in their own cultural background and genetic result led to a sort of original mixture of various elements. Moreover, it is considered that the Jazz in the early 1900s a rhythmic mixture of African Americans own the U.S. blues mainly (but also the work songs, ragtime on the songs "Minstrels"), an instrumentation and timbre of the genuine street gangs (Trumpet, cornet, clarinet, trombone, tuba, bass, drum and cymbals). Then replaced by the bass tuba, the bass drum and cymbals for the drums and the piano was added. This was the formation of the Original Dixieland Jass Band, a group that uses the word white jazz for the first time in 1917 and since then evolved until the merger and multiplicity of styles. So let's do a fantastic journey to live today and to understand the evolution the soul of the current music's most important twentieth century Amadeu Casas: guitar, dobro, mandolin, kazoo and vocals. Dani Alonso: trombone, tuba, trumpet, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, and voice range. Ricky Araiza: guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin and vocals. Blas Picon: washboard, harmonica and vocals. August 20-Vallbona JOSEPH M. DOMÈNECH TRIO + LLUIS CASTANO Recalling Garcia Lorca Jazz The closing concert of the cycle on the one hand an approach to repertoire Andalusian folk music and the other one in memory of Federico García Lorca, 75 anniversary of his death. But the work of Garcia Lorca was characterized by a highly versatile creative notably in the fields of poetry, drama, music and the arts. In 1931 he recorded "collection of ancient popular songs' accompanying piano singer and dancer "La Argentinita." These recordings had a great successful rebentament Joseph M. Domenech has recovered and arranged these songs bringing them to the land of jazz with his trio and with the collaboration of violinist Louis Castan. The training consists of veteran musicians playing together since the early nineties of last century and have been the source of numerous groups and experience performing in jazz and jazz festivals cycles throughout the state.   Joseph M. Domenech, piano Ramon Teixidó low John Rion, battery with Luis Castan, violin  

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