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Easter in Tarragona. Procession and devotion in Heritage

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. Tarragona is ready to host the celebrations of Holy Week. The Procession of the Holy Wholly Good Friday and the presence of armed elements is one more highlights of the Semana Santa Tarragona. One year, the capital of demarcation is organized to welcome the public that comes from other municipalities to enjoy the events planned in the Roman city. Easter guests at Tarragona La Semana Santa de Tarragona count this year with a series of illustrious guests. Among these, the Archbishop Emeritus of Sevilla, Mns. Carlos Amigo Vallejo, offering the Blood Lenten Conference on Thursday 25 March. It also highlights the presence of Jordi Pujol i Solely, who will present the Booklet of the Nazarene on Tuesday March 23. Moreover, Anton Josep Duran i Lleida, the presenting feature of Guild Pagesse Booklet on Thursday 11 March. First, however, Alicia Sánchez Camacho will be responsible for the presentation of Christ the Good Booklet of Love on Friday March 19. Finally, Jordi López Camps, offered the Proclamation of Easter 2010 Tarraconense Palm Sunday. In addition to the above media figures included the presence of representatives of the people of Tarragona: Albert Abelló, Elias Torres and Ignasi Boada. Poster presentation at Easter Tarragna 2010 Last February it was announced the promotional banner Tarragona Easter 2010. This is a poster published by the Patronato Municipal de Turismo de Tarragona and serves to present the events of Holy Week Tarragona, declared a Fiesta of interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia. In a special way also wants to promote the Holy Burial Procession on Good Friday, an act that has been declared "traditional Festival of national interest". A total of 2,500 copies printed. The poster design has been de Miguel Sanchis Bernabeu, which has routinely collaborated with photographs of Holy Week in Tarragona. The visual impact of the dark colors denote the serious nature of a religious event that begins with the sunset. In the background stands the Roman Praetorian, one of the most important Roman monuments of the city, which attracts many visitors during this time and before which the procession of the Holy Burial. The step represented on this occasion is "The Cyrene" or "First Fall" of the Real Hermandad de Jesus Nazareno. The scene corresponds to the first fall of Jesus on the Via Dolorosa, while Simon of Cyrene helps with the cross and whips a slave, under the watchful gaze of an imperial soldier. He is the author Antoni Parera Saurina and dates from 1930. Note that for the first time under the patronage total of REPSOL YPF, which also work in the next edition of the Guide to the main events of the Week anta de Tarragona. Death Walk Friday and other highlights Tarragona is decked out in Friday night to welcome into its midst this great procession. This act is the highlight of Holy Week Tarragona, both by the participation of people like to celebrate the Holy Burial Procession declared Traditional Festival of National Interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia. The steps and fraternities follow the chronological order of the passion and death of Jesus. In the Parade 9 steps, 11 sororities, 3,000 people as participants in the procession and 80,000 spectators. People fill the streets of Old Town and the downtown that is ready to contemplate the passage, through its streets, a row of lights that break the dark stages. The streets of Old Town, the Cathedral, the great Roman buildings bear witness to the drama of Golgotha. In addition to the Holy Burial Procession on Good Friday, Easter Tarragona has other highlights, such as the Armed and the Roman cohort, with its impressive image through the streets of the city where the past and they hit hard the spears on the asphalt, or when they make the Gathering Compliance late on Friday. The impromperis, on the other hand, are tools of the Passion. Are taken to the Good Friday procession of 214 bearers. The Proclamation, which falls on Palm Sunday afternoon at City Hall, and visiting the monuments which takes place on Holy Thursday evening, after the Holy Office in the Cathedral and the churches of the city, there are the usual going to visit the monuments of the Blessed are installed in churches Tradition and participation The traditional look raw in feeling the same party. Everything is based on tradition, from gastronomy to any ornamental detail of a step or a certain route. In recent years, participation in all types of events has clearly been increasing, probably due to the afternoon of Friday, which also attracts people from other municipalities in the area. The Tarragona participates in the festival as a spectator, musician, friars, but mainly participates as an inhabitant of the city, sacred to attend concerts, crafts, exposures and any act which is convened. All this clearly framed in a familiar area. La Semana Santa de Tarragona combines popular acts and most intimate acts of life and brotherhood. Scenarios The festival is celebrated mainly in the streets of Old Town and the downtown. Significantly, the Plaza del Rey could be described as the nerve center of the party, which shares the Rambla Nova especially regarding the collection Friday afternoon is concerned. This role is shared with other sites depending on the type of event to take place, and serve as an example the Via Crucis that sometimes take place within some churches. Also in the streets of each neighborhood in the city every fraternity holds its actions. Holy Week and tourism in Tarragona Tarragona was named World Heritage site in 2000 by the UNESCO committee. The distinction gave the Roman Tarraco archaeological recognition of Cultural Heritage. The Roman city is a city of light and color. The Mediterranean climate and nature, the warm atmosphere of the streets and the hospitality of the people make it a great entertaining space, cultural and festive outdoor. Tarragona is synonymous with celebration and the party lives on the street. The festive calendar of the city covers the whole year, given the large fan shaped by local and traditional festivals of the whole of Catalonia. In these special days, visitors can experience the celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Masses, rosaries and processions. Not to mention the highlight of Holy Week, Good Friday afternoon, where they armed the typical collection of steps before the procession of the Holy Burial, declared Traditional Festival of National Interest, such as the cultural and popular interest they arise. Interesting links Easter in Costa Dorada and les Terres de l'Ebre Easter in Reus. 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