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The exhibition ,The forest. Much more than wood, ,in Square Llibertat

Reus. Costa Daurada. December 3, 2012. Obra Social "la Caixa" and the city of Reus today presented the exhibition "The forest. Much more than wood ", whose main objective is to promote the importance of terrestrial ecosystems with more biodiversity in the world. The show is curated by Francisco Javier Gomez and will be open from 3 December 2012 until 20 January 2013 to sail installed in Liberty Square. The exhibition The forest is divided into four areas that cover the complex ecosystem is a forest area to raise awareness among visitors about their protection and conservation. Spain has a forested area of ​​14,732,247 hectares. Given that the total area of ​​Spain is 50,478,782 ha, forests represent 29% of the entire territory. The forest is a collection of trees, is an ecosystem characterized by the dominance of these plants, a complex ecosystem in which the different elements that form (trees, shrubs, animals, fungi, bacteria ...) play a fundamental and are closely related to each other. As a component of the biosphere, the forest offers a host of fundamental ecological functions. Besides all these features, one should keep in mind associated with the use of forests as a valuable cultural resource and they have for humans. The first section of the exhibition focuses on placing the different levels of organization of life on Earth from a zoom of images, and show that a forest is not only a set of trees and the set inside a large number of mutual relations, both between agencies and with other areas of the biosphere, such as soil or the atmosphere. In the case of edaphic environment highlights the role of top soil consisting of a mixture of mineral and organic debris, known as humus. This substance keeps the soil aerated and fluffy, retains water and provides nutrients and minerals slowly. Earthworms, fungi and bacteria are an important feature retraining and liaison between the mineral and the plant. A play that shows the different components of soil, rock, gravel, plant debris, while able to see the activities of earthworms, their importance and the different layers of soil.

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