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The exhibition ,Fortuny recorder, at the Museum of Liberty Square

Reus. Costa Dorada. November 14, 2012. On Thursday, November 15, at 19:30, inaugurated the exhibition "Fortuny, engraver," an exhibition that brings together the different prints made by Mariano Fortuny preserved in the Museum's collection of Reus. This is one of the most important activities that have been scheduled to coincide with the International Year Reus Fortuny 2012-2013. The museum has a total of 31 prints were from thirty to thirty-five plates in his day he recorded Fortuny (museum prints one is repeated), ie, that it remains practically Reus the entire collection. Among the most interesting prints will be on display at this exhibition are La Victoire, Meréchal Ferrant au Maroc, death Kabyle, Arabic guarding the body of his friend, Family Moroccan Anacoreta. Recorder exceptional "As aiguafortista equals approaching Rembrandt and Goya." Well defined Mariano Fortuny great French critic Théophile Gautier in 1870 in the pages of Journal Officiel du Feuilleton. That would put the height of two great artists, dominating engraving techniques as anyone, was not free. Fortuny also excel in painting techniques he mastered the difficult technique to master engraving, placing it at the service of creativity. The fact that Fortuny's work as a writer was intermittent and sporadic production led to a rather short, since only been thirty-five works, all related to the technique of etching. The collection of the Museum of Reus consists of thirty-one copies of etchings, which correspond to those thirty to thirty-five plates. Without encotillament the market exerted on his paintings, the work that goes into these prints allowed in testing, so we have a more spontaneous Fortuny and even more intimate. His prints became a test in which you can explore all your creative ability. This technique enabled him thus express themselves more freely, which repelled the benefit of his pictorial work. Within the printed works are represented in all major issues where Mariano Fortuny ended up working like Orientalism, portraits or gender jackets. These pieces of his creative maturity, which arrived in the 1860's. In fact, Fortuny began joint work printed in 1860 and ended ten years later, in 1870. Chalcographic variety of techniques, Fortuny only used the etching - the most common technique chalcographic - and to a lesser extent aquatint, is always to complement the etching. The strong artistic personality of Mariá Fortuny also left a deep imprint on the art of image reproduction. All critics agree in placing their production recorded at the same height as the pictorial work, while emphasizing its proven versatility that can only be found in the genes of great artists. Fortuny has become also a leader in the world of engraving because he knew how to find the balance between skill and mastery of technical procedures and its creative genius. The exhibition "Fortuny recorder" can be seen at the Museum of Liberty Square from 15 November to 12 January 2013, Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 19:00 h.

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