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The fourth edition of Memorimage festival comes with an air of renewal

The fourth edition of Memorimage festival comes with an air of renewal

Reus. Costa Dorada. This week comes to Reus fourth Memorimage Festival, films of today with yesterday's images, which will return on 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 filled with news. The festival, which aims to demonstrate and reward for films that incorporate footage is the only festival of its kind in the world. Memorimage is an innovative, driven by the City of Reus, which seeks to show how important conservation and recovery of audiovisual heritage, and the value of the image in the configuration of individual memory and collective. The City Council will Reus has been to keep the spirit of the original Memorimage, created in 2005 by the Film Rescue Association, but making it make more external projection, making known to the rest of Catalonia and the Spanish state, and involving more people in Reus. Four sections, 15 films In this edition, Memorimage is presented with a new format, more compact, divided into four sections but for the first time, with the particularity that each participant is accompanied by film director and is selected for a programmer, which helps ensure the quality of the entire sample. Additionally, the festival premiered new direction in the figure of Anna Marquès proven track record, producer and expert in the television field. Memorimage present 15 films distributed among the Official Selection, the History Section H, Section hd'història, and Memories. Awards The contest Reus give five awards, with a total budget of 12,000 euros. Ciutat de Reus Award for Best Feature Film of the Official Section, which provides the city of Reus, 4,000 euros award for best film and direction of this section. The Award for Best Production Memorimage is U.S. $ 3,000 and be eligible all festival films are premieres. Democratic Memorial Award for the film that will better address the issue of recovery of historical memory of the struggle for democracy and against Franco in the period between 1931 and 1980 with an endowment of $ 3,000 for any movie presented to the contest, while the Association will deliver Rescat Cinema Film Rescue Award of 1,000 euros for best documentary. Also, festival attendees can vote for the Audience Award, worth $ 1,000 for creating the best picture. Activities to involve everyone in Reus Apart from the projections, Memorimage host various side events, as MemoriJove, a morning section to open the festival to a young audience, Memorimage Marathon, a continuous screening of all award winning films, a Documentary Building Workshop open to the public to be Making register and case studies of outstanding films with archive images. Memorimage Festival, with its readiness to engage the maximum reusenques Reus and will be held by different areas of the city. Thus the opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the Teatro Bartrina, projections in the Sala Santa Lucia, the workshop will be in record creation CIMIR Center of Photography and more churches and a workshop for graduate students, at the Center for Reading Reus. Download the program.

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