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The Gaudí Centre closed 2012 with a record number of visitors

Reus. Costa Dorada. January 25, 2013. A total of 79,138 people visited the Gaudi Centre in 2012, which represents an increase of 1% in 2011 resepecte and, therefore, a record number of visitors since the facility opened. The Gaudí Centre has offset the expected drop in domestic visitors to the increase of international visitors mainly come from Russia, which have risen 30%. Alice Alegret Councillor for Economic Development, says that the Gaudí Centre "contributes decisively to the economic revitalization of the city, especially its commercial sector. Therefore, the aim of government is to keep Reus high level of visitor satisfaction, taking suggestions from visitors and implement continuous improvements in equipment because it is one of the main attractions, along with trade, the tourism brand Reus, as part of the Gold Coast. " Since its opening in 2007, Gaudí Centre has increased year by year the number of visitors to a cumulative total of 353,768 people. Of the total visitors in 2012, 92% were tourists visiting schools and 8%. Among the tourists, 74% visited the Gaudi Centre individually and 26% did so with organized groups. The visitor profile of the facility is mostly single (in the past year has continued to increase its share) and his visit to Reus usually done in the family. For backgrounds, visitors Gaudí Centre are distributed as follows: Reus: 3% Catalonia: 12% Rest of the state: 16% Other sources: 69% International visitors increased by 10% over last year. This figure exceeded the decline in visitors from other sources. The number of visitors to Spain fell by 18%, the Catalans, 1%, and the Reus, 31%. Russian Visitors The Russian visitor was the largest of the Gaudí Centre with a total of 31,853 people, 40% of the total visitors. It was the group that grew with an increase of 30% over 2011. Satisfaction Visit Visitors appreciate the Gaudí Centre with excellent equipment, with an average score of 9.2 out of 10. The data is drawn from the 3,308 surveys during 2012 to improve the grade of satisfaction in 2011, which was 8.9. Income The income obtained from the sale of tickets in 2012 increased by 6% over the previous year. These revenues have allowed fund all operating costs of the center. Tourist Office The Tourist Office, installed in the basement of Gaudi Cente also closed 2012 with positive results. A total of 64,384 people were served by the service last year, representing an increase of 2% over 2011. City Services Tax Free Cash Moreover, the service Tax Free Cash City (VAT refund to non EU residents ciudatans), offered by the Office of Tourism, has registered 4,205 transactions, representing an increase of 60% over 2011 . A total 142.901euros returned (a 30% increase over last year), representing a purchase of approximately 1.5 million.

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