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The Hall of Art and Antiques in Reus opens January 28

The Hall of Art and Antiques in Reus opens January 28

Reus. Costa Dorada. The 18th edition of the Antiques will be on 28, 29 and 30 January and 4, 5 and 6 February and has the range of 25 exhibitors, maintaining regular figures in this show. Visitors will find antiques of all sizes and prices all of them evaluated by the Selection Committee, composed by Jaume Masso, director of the Museum of Archaeology Salvador Vilaseca de Reus Mark Ferran, director of the Museum of Art and History, Coia Domingo Director of the Centre for Image Mas Iglesias Ramon Ferran sculptor, engraver and medalist, Carlos Tubella, President of the College Official Jewellers in Tarragona. Hours before the doors opened, the Friday the 28th at one o'clock, the Committee will visit the fair to review the pieces are exhibited and confirmed that all of them have more 50, in the case of ANTIQUE, or over 100, with regard to the pieces of antiques. The Hall Antiques will be located in halls A, B and C of the Centro Provisional. 12th ART EXHIBITION The Art Fair takes place parallel to the Antique Fair, the 28, 29 and 30 January and 4, 5 and 6 February. After the important growth that occurred last year, this year has been achieved keep the figure at more than 40 artists, consolidating Art Salon as concerning the demarcation of its field, with artists from all over Catalonia. The organization of the Hall has worked to expand the range of artistic disciplines present in the sample. Thus, in addition to painting, sculpture, jewelry, ironwork and ceramics can also be purchased this year artistic photography. The artists participating in this year's Art Salon include: Dolors Domenech, Alex Voinea, Rosa Vadrí, Admiral Christopher, Martha Argentina, Xavier Gabriel, M. Teresa Ribé, Santi Fuchs, Elena Rovira Angelina Schools Marissa Calbet, Raval Art Llavieras John, Pontius Granollers Xavier Aluja, Cori Torroja, Ruiz Vaca, Lucía Alvarez, Dolores Ruiz-Marius Arts Sarciat Daniel, Fina Veciana, Miguel Angel Hervás, Marian López Plana, Josep Soldevila Rauret Maria Naranjo, Arisse, Panoramix PhotoStudio, Art Circle Vallirana, Global Art, Carmen Delgado Campos, Modesto Rodriguez, M. Sabaté Luisa Rodriguez Santiago de Leon, Ramce, All in photo, Raul and Andres Soler Cendón Mondejar Picazo, To Gallardo. The Art Exhibition will be located in Hall E.  

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