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More than 30,000 people enjoyed the Cos Blanc in Salou

Salou. Costa Dorada. February 3 2013 .Some 30,000 people, according to sources of the organization enjoyed the evening a great feast Corps Blanc main event of the Winter Festival of Salou. The traditional parade of 29-carretel under a heavy rain of confetti left many anecdotes throughout the more than two and a half hour show. The event took place as normal, partly thanks to the truce that wind around seven o'clock stopped blowing, and respecting the holding of the street gang that runs Ciutat de Reus and Barcelona parade where more than 2,500 people. Many people travel from nearby towns and also the rest of Spain and abroad will not want to miss the rain twenty tons of confetti on the street all spiced with a big show of light and sound that excited present. Dance, choreography, costumes and great atmosphere characterized the evening, though, in the second round of the carretel · Elizabeth College broke up and could not continue with the parade of brilliance. Yes they stay in the parade many of its members. Indeed in the second round also took the case of a request for hand ring included two participants in the parade. The creativity when thinking about the different costumes was shocked a year, so, for example, could see 500 young PIJ integrated two carretel spaces on the Farm Soft dresses candy M & M's yellow and red , also a group of young gangan'style, corrupt bankers, Alice in Wonderland, the 'cow's boy'; Minnie Mouse or schoolgirls, among many others, in addition to carretel · the heir and heiresses of 2013. The mayor, Pere Granados, praised the festival very positive "there was a great turnout for all the events, especially in this parade of white body, the most anticipated event for many, but we are most satisfied is that everything has been a success and that civil behaviors have prevailed above all. " In the afternoon yesterday evening more than 300 people were working on the device host of people in the arrival and departure by local police, as well as civil protection device, fire, security and privacy other partners of the same-carretel running smoothly.

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