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The municipal swimming pools Capellans Park open season on June 29

Reus. Costa Dorada. Tuesday, June 29, open to the public swimming pools Reus Capellans Park open a new season which will last until August 29. The facilities will be open every day from 11: 00 to 20:00 am at all times. The Council applies a line among them the discounts which apply to families on season passes. Prices range from 3.30 euros, worth the entrance of morning or afternoon for children 2 to 12 years and over age 65 to 77 euros-season passes for adults and passes can be purchased from a month, tickets for a day, morning or afternoon tickets. Discounts apply on regular prices to people with disability and accompanying (30% and 20% discount respectively) and families who purchase the season pass. So, apply a discount of 20% in the third member of the family unit, a 30% gratuity and the fourth member from the fifth pass. In addition, a 25% discount will apply to those who submit the Gold card, 10% alstitulars card couple of IMAC and 10% in season pass holders of the central library card Reus. The swimming pools have three swimming pools (one with a plop and two maximum depth of 1, 35 I 1,65 m respectively), jacuzzi, sports area, cafeteria, dressing and nursing. Some 45,000 visitors passed through the pools of priests Park last season. Park public swimming pools are connected with the priests of service with the bus line 20 Reus Transport. For more information, interested persons can contact the Hall or the Municipal Olympic swimming Muncipals  

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