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,Oleanna, opened the winter and spring programme at Bartrina Theatre

"Oleanna" opened the winter and spring programme at Bartrina Theatre

Reus. Costa Dorada. March 10, 2013. The play "Oleanna," directed by and starring David Raymond Jungles Madaula and Charlotte Olcina, opens this Friday, March 3, at 18:00 pm, winter and spring programming Bartrina Theatre. It is an adaptation of a text by playwright David Mamet has enjoyed good reception since its premiere in Barcelona. The actuality of the piece lies in the way Mamet offers an immersion into the world of teaching to show us the bond that arises between a teacher and a student, and the power relationship involved. In addition, "Oleanna" is other issues, such as sexual harassment or workplace, the hypocrisy of politically correct language, and especially the great difficulty of humans to communicate. This show is included in payment. The program will continue to strictly theatrical Bartrina Theatre on April 20 to "address unknown", K. Kessmann Taylor, directed by Lluís Homar Homar and performed by himself and Eduardo Fernandez. There are also works "Too bad it's a bitch," John Ford and adapted by Luis Soler and Anna Estrada (April 27) and "Bildelberg Club Cabaret," directed by and starring Oriol Grau Grau, Fermin Fernandez and Paloma Arza . Around the festival will show "Live!" Charles Xuriguera and Fel Faixedas, former members of the Guerrilla Theatre Company (27 June). Moreover, in this program play a very important role the musical, especially arising from Reus and land nearby. This applies to both shows which will engage the Orchestra Camerata XXI, one of whom a symphony that will be presented next tour of the orchestra to Japan (Sunday 10 March) and the other with a repertoire of pieces soul together with the Soul Machine (1 June). Other concerts are planned for the Love of Lesbian (8 and 9 March), The Mamzelles (March 23), The Colony (April 6), Joan dice and Interest Rates (May 24) and James White "Toubab" (14 June). The music of bands again this season with concerts organized by the Symphonic Band Reus and symphonic bands shared with invited (April 14, May 19, July 7 and July 20). The dance will have a space in the program on July 13, which will be at the show's closing Bartrina XXV Burlesque Week. This time there are to two family shows, "Victor and the monster" (after 9 years, March 17) and "Donkeys, the curse of the witch" (April 7, show directed by Toni Albà ). On 15 and 16 March Bartrina Theater will be host festival of short films, the FEC 2013. Like every season, Bartrina will be the usual cycle projections for the film club Reading Center, which from 1 January until late April has scheduled several film screenings of the film on Friday except "Snow White," scheduled for Thursday March 7.

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