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Proclammation by Tourism director, Marian Muro at the Nits Daurades 2011

'Salou is adapted to everyday needs of residents and tourists, but keeping its particularity' Dear salouencs, council representatives, friends, girlfriends, including tourists. Write to you on a special day like this fills me with pride. But as General Director of Tourism to do in Salou, and no house of tourism on the Costa Dorada, also fills me with responsibility. The dynamism, activity and initiative, all recognized features of Salou, come from afar. Already during the Roman Empire, the city's name is Salauris, and is one of the largest ports of Hispania Citerior Due to the exceptional conditions of the natural port of Salou, the city quickly became one of the largest ports in the Kingdom of Aragon, importance will last until the nineteenth century. In the early nineteenth century, the port of Salou and decadence comes in mid-nineteenth century it prohibits its operation. The city began a process of converting a commercial port and tourist center in 1863 authorized the bathing huts on the beach of Poniente. In 1865 the railroad station in operation. In 1867 opened the famous "Carrilet" tram Reus Salou, carrying the first summer in the town. During the twenties is beginning to build the modernist buildings of Passeig Jaume I, like houses, "Bonet", "Loperena", "Marisol / Solimar," "Save," "Miarnau" and "Ebony" designed by architect and collaborator of Gaudí, and Dominic Sugranyes Gras. From the 60's, Salou experienced a spectacular urban growth led by tourism. In 1965 James I erected the monument, a symbol of contemporary Salou and has become a tourist destination reference within the tourist market, which today is presented to consumers as one of the homes with the quality of Mediterranean. Salou has many tourist attractions, among which are its beaches: Levante, Poniente, Capellans. Its wonderful beaches: Sole, Penyatallada, Font. The sailing season, the Port Aventura theme park, sports, the Palace of Congresses and Conventions and its diverse cuisine. The above makes Salou is on the minds of many tourists from around the world who have chosen to come here just to spend your holiday, possibly the most desired stay for a whole year. This is an honor for salouencs. These days the town bull. Thousands of visitors filled the avenue, streets and beaches. But the shops, hotels and restaurants. In the end this translates into wealth, jobs and ultimately on welfare for society. I want to break a lance for tourism, Salou. You are a host of first. And it shows that organize these Golden Nights, with leisure activities and proposals, just in the busiest season of visitors. It's great to see this mission involve visitors in the activities of the municipality. And Salou is reinventing itself, evolves and adapts to the daily needs of residents and tourists while maintaining its particularity. The privileged location of Salou, with a range of sun and spectacular beach, Port Aventura with a tourist infrastructure and first allowed to get such as repositioning of making mature tourist destinations. Proof of this is that in 2003 it did the first town in Catalonia with certified brand families. This seal gives a good image in Salou on the international markets has led to efforts to adapt services and facilities to the needs of families. I know that employers have and are making large investments in housing, renovating the hotels, campgrounds and apartments. Also the public sector is involved, an example is the promenade and beaches. You are one of the major tourist destinations in the implementation of distinctive quality services and tourist attractions. Last year nearly 2 million tourists, more than half foreign, 7 million overnight stays generated are stats that show the potential tourist resort of Salou. A luxury for Catalonia to have a range of value of Salou. Finally, I mentioned these Golden Nights, and fall festivals are held in the utmost excitement of the tourism phenomenon and Salou and the Costa Dorada, and this is also the expression of our cultural identity one hand, and our understanding of tourism beyond the strict promotion in origin and in the markets, but we have clear ideas about how to treat it the same destination to retain it. The concept of vacation and holiday, tourism, leisure, entertainment and fun is what makes a product attractive destination. A party that demonstrates this commitment to service and that expression of Salou international businessmen and city council have built, to accommodate the great diversity of countries and communities that we visit. A party to offer the people you visit in order to live more intensely their homes and have the chance to know our territory and our country more actively involved through a program of festive events, traditional and popular that we identify and we projected. The festival stimulates tourism and removed from the estaticisme. Salou in the summer becomes a space where diverse tourism experiences pass on the traditions and the celebration takes on special importance for 15 days. The festival and experience. Quiero dar say hello and welcome to all the present that passes vuestras tours or holiday in Salou, from the most amusement Communities Chila Netherlands and Europeans, and that hacés Salou a great meeting place where leisure and culture sharing. This is surely part of this community.   I want to thank especially the mayor, City Council members and all of you as friends to me and welcomed me to the privilege granted by sending you these words in a special day. For me, it's a thrilling experience, and I also wanted to share with my family with me in this event. In fact, I would have ever thought that it would participate in a festival of speech. Salouencs and visitors, it is time to invite you to the Festival, participate and enjoy. Viva Salou. Marian Muro Ollé 

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