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Quality Nights Festival promotes an option for safer and healthier nightlife

Reus. Costa Dorada. Nights with Quality Platform, which is part of the City of Reus, is organizing this event Friday, December 11 at La Palma in order to promote a choice of safe and healthy nightlife. The festival is the first public activity that starts from the co-operation carrying out the various agents involved in the nightlife of the city to consider proposals to improve the offer and respond to the needs and concerns users. Representatives from various councils of the Municipality of Bogota, the police, the Catalan Regional Police Force, the Regional Council of Baix Camp, as well as organizations related leisure and youth culture, youth groups, volunteers and owners of local 'nightlife have been involved since last March in the definition of proposals that will be displayed at the festival in La Palma as a first taste of the services that the project Quality Nights can offer users the nightlife Reus . The festival will be held in La Palma and different nightlife of the city and will feature musical performances and exhibitions are designed and chosen for their own youth organizations, as well as informational sites and devices on reducing risks associated with consumption substances, sexuality and road safety. At 6:00 pm, the gardens of La Palma override settled several informative tables: Health and celebration, organized by Arsufesta with information about healthy sexuality and safer drugs with preventive and informational material, chill out and screening of audiovisual information, alcohol level test. Make your BS, organized by the Regional Council of Baix Camp, with tips to prepare personal health drinks and the chance to play "If I guess the hit" to check the aim of the participants. Safety begins yourself organized by the local police, which will contain questions about discipline and make a road breathalyser test. Alcohol and drugs = your worst trip, organized by the Catalan Regional Police Force, with tips to drive safely and perform a breathalyser test. Safer sex, organized by H2O, with advice, information and materials on sexual health, HIV, AIDS, unwanted pregnancies. Public Health: Distribution of condoms. Beginning at 19:00 pm in the square and the scene outside of La Palma is where various performances and exhibitions: Exhibition Freestyle skates and with bicycles, painted graffiti, People with Suicide, and concert, with SKLG Sound . Finally, at 11:00 pm in the multipurpose room will begin the concert with the Vía muerta, Kroma Sir Payer & DJ Five and KRL Crew. The festival will continue in different local nightlife of the city, also part of this initiative by offering a drink tonight healthy customers who bring the program to hand the party. The participatory local include Blondie, bogus, The Candle, Highbury, The Factory, The Corners, Chess, Moloko, Green Dog and Arlon.  

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