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Repsol, an honorary member of the Center for Reading in Reus

Reus. Costa Daurada. December 2, 2012. The President of the Center for Reading Reus, director Xavier Filella and Repsol industrial complex in Tarragona Joan Pedrerol have signed a collaboration by which Repsol will join as Honorary Member of the Centre for Reading next three years. Repsol will contribute to the Reading Center the amount of $ 20,000 per year to contribute to the patronage of the organization Reus and promote their services and cultural activities. Reading Centre Reus is a private, nonprofit that works to promote and disseminate culture in all its manifestations. The Reading Center, was founded in 1859, is a cultural institution in the country of reference il'ateneu oldest in Catalonia. During the 153 years of history the Center has been forming a very large project: having a major asset libraries of Catalonia, a first-class art collection, an important educational offering that includes Each year between 700 and 800 students enrolled, a program of cultural, intense and continuous over a hundred proposals quarterly publishing a collection of essays and research, and that includes a Social Bottom Reading Center access to an average of over a thousand people a day. Repsol is a company committed to the environment, and want to bring industrial complex society and involve them in their daily life. Repsol has shown, repeatedly, his will and his unwavering commitment to link up with environments that are nearby and, in particular, those located where its industrial facilities. By doing so, seeks to establish bonds of cooperation with other entities or organizations that are not only representative of where they are established, but, above all, perform a social task that exceeds the scope of its members and reverts direct benefit of the society around them. Repsol believes that the Reading Centre Reus amply meets these characteristics and valued the fact that one of the groups that can benefit directly from the work-Center is precisely the people who work in the different industrial facilities that the Group has the Repsol Tarragona. Collaborate in the dissemination of culture and facilitate access to different groups is one of the principles governing sponsorship and patronage Repsol Tarragona. The fact that one of these last groups to be precisely what make the employees of the company, making the relationship is formalized this agreement has even more value. This act, in short, this commitment fits into the context of the special relationship that Repsol has with the city of Reus, and added to the collaborations that Repsol maintains stable commitments with other organizations and civic institutions Reus as the city of Reus, the private foundation Fortuny Theatre, the Chamber of Commerce of Reus.

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