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Reus. Costa Dorada. A total of 20,305 people visited the Gaudi Center during the past months of June, July and August 2009, a 17'9% more visitors compared to the same period last year. Given the current environment of crisis, these data are particularly positive and confirm the Gaudí Space Center as a tourist attraction in the city of Reus. Two thirds of visitors are foreigners Gaudí Center The total of individual visitors center, two-thirds (64%) were foreign citizens, especially highlighting the visitors from Russia and France, which represent 24.5% and 14% respectively of total visitors Gaudí Center . The following citizens from Holland (3.5%) and British (3%). The Spaniards have represented 23.3% of the total (8% of the Basque Country, Madrid, 8% and 6% Valencia), the Catalans 5.8% (57% of Barcelona) and 6.8% were citizens of Reus. One in four visitors to the Gaudí Center was russian This season, visitors from Russia to the Gaudí Center have increased by 20% over the year 2008. The Municipal Office of Tourism and Commerce of Reus has made a great effort to attract tourists and this has made specific actions to reach this segment (editing publicity material and a guide to commercial establishments in the Russian language, agreements with tour operators from the Russian market ...). The Russian tourist is a visitor who along with French, has a special interest in culture, and is more interested in making purchases. Visitor Ratings excelent Regarding the satisfaction of visitors, the valuation of the equipment is excellent, as reflected in the 675 surveys that were conducted with visitors and scored an average of 9'1 equipment. In the case of Russian tourists, the average 9'5 reaches about 10. In this regard, it is worth to mention that the 401 Russian visitors who responded, 83% said that they had made purchases in Reus or intended to do so. The guided tours of the city (historic and Reus Pere Mata Institute), one of the activities organized during the summer in Reus, have also increased the number of visitors by 15%. The synergies between tourism and trade For the Board, the main challenge remains to consolidate these data and visitors to get the most possible benefit to revitalize the local economy, particularly in the areas of trade, restoration and hotels, the sectors most linked and benefited from the influx of visitors to the city.  

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