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Tarragona receives Reus'hockey team

Tarragona receives ReusŽhockey team

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. The chairman of the council of Tarragona, Josep Poblet, received the staff il'entrenador the hockey team and managers Deportiu Reus, on the occasion of the completion of title by the Ok league by Tecnosol Reus . The reception took place this june 14th at the Plenary Hall of the institution, and have participated the president of Reus Deportiu, John Shoemaker, the president and vice president of the hockey section, Antonio Masip and John Miller, as well as staff of the championship team led by their coach, Alejandro Dominguez, and the captain Xavier Caldú. Josep Poblet congratulated the team for success and stressed "the value that has achieved this title after so many years struggling with consistency, enthusiasm and effort." The chairman of the council referred to the sacrifices needed to win titles and the fact that "priority in any aspect of life, must be resignations." Village has also encouraged the team to achieve more success and have qualified as "symbol of collective land" as the entity, as the victory by Reus Deportiu. Meanwhile, the club president Joan Sabater has symbolically handed the title to the institution and has shown grateful for the support that the Council offers sporting entity, is stressing that "government that collaborates with more us in recent times. " Shoemaker said the achievements this season, since most of the league championship, has won titles in the Copa del Rey runners and the European Cup. Finally, he wished to emphasize that "the title not only offer the citizens of Reus, but we want to all the fans of our counties and that's why we offer the Council." The chairman of the council has delivered a gift to the team captain, Xavier Caldú, club president and as a show of support and renewed commitment of the institution to institution Reus.  

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