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The Gaudí Centre increased by 18% the number of visitors in 2011

Reus. Costa Dorada. The Gaudí Centre increased by 18% the number of visitors in 2011 a total of 78,328 people visited the Gaudi Centre in 2011, a 18.6% increase over 2010. Since its inauguration in 2007, the Gaudí Centre has been steadily increasing number of visitors. A total of 274,630 people have visited a facility that contributes prominently to the promotion and economic revitalization of the city. In the words of Councillor Head of the Department of Economic Development, Alice Alegret, "The Gaudí Centre is still a landmark tourism Reus, along with its trade, its gastronomy and its modernist heritage. Looking to the 2012 season we are working to strengthen tourism in the city activities and promotion of joint city and agreed to the tourist, gastronomic, cultural and commercial. This year also provides a very significant presence of Russian tourist in the city and both are working in other markets both nationally and internationally to attract to the city. " Of the total of 2011 visitors, 91% and 9% were tourists school. Among the tourists, 68% visited the center on an individual basis and 32% did so with an organized group. The visitor profile of the Gaudí Centre is primarily an individual (in the last year has again increased its percentage) and his visit to Reus usually done in the family. The Russian client, the largest of the Gaudí Centre The number of Russian visitors grew by 58% over 2010. Represents 31% of total visitors. Currently, the Russian customer is most important visitor from Reus to their spending power. The surveys confirm that the average tourist spending is double that of other visitors to the city. The Russian tourists on holiday on the Costa Dorada Reus are the combination of culture and trade for. For the rest of foreign visitors of the Gaudí Centre, the Russians are behind the French tourists who were 10 665, 30% more than in 2010. They represent 14% of total visitors. The Spanish visitors were 15 545 (12% less over the previous year) and represent 20% of the total. Visitors Catalan (7877), representing 11% of the total and experienced a decline of 5%. According to the forecast, following the trend of recent years, the number of citizens of Reus (2254) has decreased, and in 2011 represented 3% of total visitors. Satisfaction of the visit Visitors to the Gaudí Centre put in an excellent facility, with an average grade of 8.93 out of 10. The data gathered from the 3124 surveys during 2011. In 2007, the average satisfaction was a 8'32. This improvement in the level of visitor satisfaction reflects the will of the Gaudí Centre to meet the suggestions of visitors who visit the facility as well as constant improvements made Guided tours of the Route of Modernism and inquiries to the Office of Tourism A total of 11 people were .404 guided tour at PortAventura. They did in 9122 and 2272 the group organized visits to the public individually. The data represent an increase of 4.4% in the number of visitors compared to last year. As for the queries that were made to the Office of Tourism Gaudí Centre were 63,339, a 4'7% more than in 2010. As for the people who made the tour at the House calendars were a total of 1561, a figure that far exceeds the data from the previous year, when the house opened only six months period for of mourning after the death of the owner.

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