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The Russian visitor is confirmed as the most important tourist Reus

Reus. Costa Dorada. A total of 7,944 Russian tourists visited the Gaudi Centre in Reus, between the months of January to July 2010, a figure that doubles the data for the same period in 2009, when the center was visited by 3,903 tourists this nationality. These data show that Russian tourists has become the largest in the Gaudí Centre, beating the French tourist who was traditionally the most numerous. If the evolution of the data of Russian visitors to the Gaudí Centre since its opening in 2007, has seen a steady increase in the number of the tourists going from 664 in 2007 (July to December ) by the year 7205 to 2008 and 8433 2009. This is a consequence of the effort has been made in adapting the heart to these types of customers. Considering the data from January to July this year and the increase has been experienced in the first seven months, the forecast for this year is very good. The data confirm the attractiveness that is important for Russian tourists on Reus Costa Dorada, which has become more tourist destination is the Russian throughout Spain. In the city of Reus Russian tourists find the ideal combination of culture, shopping and service tailored to their needs and thus, the city has established itself as a must stay in the Russian tourists in Costa Daurada . Currently, the Russian client is most appreciated by the tourist town of Reus, by its purchasing power and their interest in purchasing. The profile of the tourist is a middle-aged visitor who travels with family and combining their vacation on the beach with leisure activities, cultural and shopping. Generally speaking only Russian, so highly values the information in your language. The Municipal Tourism and Commerce of Reus, in order to attract and retain the Russian tourism on the Costa Dorada has done throughout the year a whole series of specific actions, particularly noteworthy among which: - We have worked with all Russian tour operators in Costa Dorada that scheduled trips and make advance ticket sales. - Publication of promotional material in Russian language: Trade (15,000 units), the Gaudi Centre brochure (40,000 units) and map of restaurants (15,000 units), with nine establishments that have the letter translated into Russian. - With the collaboration of the Union of shopkeepers Reus was first organized a training course aimed at customer Russian shopkeepers in the city. - In the restaurant industry, the Trust has collaborated in the translation of the letters in the Russian language. As for the satisfaction of Russian visitors, a figure that is drawn from the surveys to the Gaudí Centre, the public has qualified with an average of about 9'5 10.

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