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Salou is revving up to celebrate the 30th Cós Blanc

Salou is revving up to celebrate the 30th Cós Blanc

Salou. Costa Dorada. As part of the Winter Festival, celebrating its 30th Cós Salou as an act Blanc star parties. We must say that this is one of the most traditional festive events and which meets more people. The mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, explained that "many Salouenc that during the year preparing for this special day in our Winter Festival." Throughout the year, 24 this year rocks involved in preparing for Blanc Cos have everything ready for the big day. The dresses are made, prepare the coach, rehearse the choreography, ... everything for the day have to leave to file everything is perfect and does not fail anything. The Councilor of Culture and Events, Isabel Aguilera, explained that "this year we wanted to have incorporated innovative lighting and sound art to provide a more spectacular celebration. Is expected along the route is thrown more than 20 tons of confetti from the 20 guns distributed along the route in addition to about 3 tons more than will their own gangs. All the parade will be enlivened by 8 gogo's, live music and DJ will offer more than 100,000 watts of sound. There will also be mobile 180 and a laser light to provide a visual appeal the entire journey. Remember back Juanma Hidalgo as speaker to liven up the parade of the carriage. These days you can now see all the technical set up this party involved with the various towers that are being assembled in the large outdoor stage is the street Ciutat de Reus and Barcelona where fro from seven o'clock in the afternoon 24 carriage most of the heirs. In the morning, on the Saturday after half past ten there will be a display of the rua of carriage which will leave the street corner with Gallego Advocate Via Roma on a long tour of the town. Safety device for the party Local Police also Salou has enabled an entire device so that there is no complication and everyone can enjoy the party. As for the security forces is exceeded the 200 people between Local Police, Autonomous Police, private security and for the first time, the Volunteer Service for Civil Protection of Tarragona, which participates in the control and monitoring tasks. The bulk of the device will be activated beginning at 5 pm and until after 11 pm with 100% of troops in active but in the morning and have a greater number of service agents. As for parking, and in anticipation of the feast of the Coso Blanco approaching 2,500 cars from neighboring municipalities, the Local Police have marked 5 zones controlled parking: the most important Emprius with capacity for 1,200 vehicles, as well as other side Barenys sports field with over 600 seats and over 400 in the Paseo Jaume I, among other issues. From Local Police Salou are advised to get around six in the afternoon with time to park and get to the point where the parade begins leisurely. Finally, we asked the participants responsibility to achieve a safe and uneventful holiday.

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