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The shop the Fiesta Mayor opens doors in the Casa Rull's Garden

Reus. Costa Dorada. Plates, chocolate lollipops, fridge magnets and the collection of the suits in a cut Vitxeta are some of the news can be found at the store of the festival until June 30 is open to the Garden of the Casa Rull. The product is the best selling shirt. This year there are three different models: the year of the festival, created by casteller Xiquets Reus, one that commemorates the proclamation of the Festival as a Festival of National Interest, Wealth, and finally, the children and the girl. Images of the plates and magnets are required Ovni Díez and Marc, as a novelty and has also become one of the main attractions of the store, was the embodiment of these drawings over chocolate lollipops, initiative Huguet oven. Finally, you can find a cut of dresses for different Vitxeta, playing with different models that are paraded through the streets and squares of the giantess further presumed that the city has. Store Hours are 10:30am to 1:30pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm On Sunday 13 is closed, although the stand will be open to the City Council of the Wine Fair. One of the tasks of the Department of Culture is to publicize the heritage festival in the city as the identifying element of society and its customs and traditions. That's why a year has opted to enlarge the list of elements of merchandising.  

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