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Police security device and the Police Force to celebrate the Christmas season

Police security device and the Police Force to celebrate the Christmas season

Reus. Costa Dorada. The police at Reus and the body of the Autonomous Police re-launch the device set up during the Christmas season. The plan, which includes the Christmas Plan 2010 of the Police and the device of Holly Police Force, is based on joint patrols with officers of the two security forces, strengthening the police presence on the streets above the center city and commercial areas, and proximity of agents with citizens. The safety device is activated on 3 December and extends beyond the Kings, until the beginning of the sales campaign, until January 9. Coincides with the largest numbers of citizens in commercial areas and city services and, therefore, the plan is tailored to business hours. The main objective of the Security Plan Christmas is preventing the commission of criminal acts in the public sector and commercial (small thefts, robberies, crimes against intellectual property ...), with personal interaction between police officers with the traders, pedestrian and neighborhood associations, with the monitoring, assistance to citizens and merchants and advice to groups who may become victims of crime. The device also places emphasis on the regulation of traffic at points of higher concentration, the establishment of peace zones traffic, control of public security, surveillance and street selling fake products, as well as collecting complaints at the site of the facts or the accompaniment of traders at banks to deposit the money in the box. The command of the Police Force and the police maintain regular coordination meetings during the last days to evaluate the device operation and, if necessary, make the changes necessary to achieve the goals. The device set up between police and Police Force accompanied by a series of recommendations to traders because extreme security measures: During the commercial activity - Do not collect money at cash registers, you must empty them often. - It is advisable to make regular income to the banks on a regular basis. Avoid carrying a lot of money at once and must do so with discretion and security. - Limit access to help control and prevent the escape in case of theft. - Warned by signs that you can ask the customer to show the handbag. - Install security chips in products. - Before a suspect, searched bags and coats of customers in a skill. - In some shops you may want to install CCTV. - A technician can safely do a project tailored to the needs of the establishment. In business - Workers must be aware of the unknown should not know the security measures installed. - Define the knowledge of the security measures of trade based on the degree of responsibility of each employee. - If the property does not have a guardian, appoint people you trust who know the detection systems installed and is accountable to connect them. - Take control of keys and the people who have copies. With credit cards - Remember that credit cards are personal and confidential. - When checking the details of the cardholder must be strict: no excuses accepted kinship or other arguments, such as having left the vehicle identification. - Check that the data printed on the receipt match the card. - Before any irregularity, notify the manager, the security service or, where a police. It is useful to focus on customer characteristics, such as clothing, hair, eyes, tattoo, which can leave discreetly without waiting for the security service. - When in doubt about the legality of the card does not perform commercial operations. - Do not let yourself be intimidated by the rush of the client or waiting to be served. - Avoid all conflict if the client is shown talking or acting surprised and naturally. With tickets - Always check the safety measures and particularities of Euro banknotes. - Do not accept a ticket that believes false; retain it and alert the security service or police. In any case, start a discussion, inform the person that apparently the ticket is fake and that certainly has been a scam. - If the client does not wait for the arrival of the security services, not oppose it. Trying to remember their physical characteristics, clothing, vehicle or passengers.

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