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Modernism Route in Reus

Modernism Route in Reus

Reus. Costa Dorada. 18 June 2014.  
The center of the city of Reus has a superb collection of over 80 listed modernist facades, among which 26 have been selected by Tourist Board Reus to configure this route. You can continue walking and stopping at the facades are marked by a plaque with the name, year of construction and the architect who designed it.

Besides the Pere Mata Institute and Navas House, other buildings stand as Gasull House or Rull House, also built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.

Some prominent houses Reus Modernism Route are:

  • Gasull House: a nineteenth-century modernist building, which was built in the year 1911 is about modernist decor with ceramic and wrought iron, and we talk about noucentisme in the facades. It has three floors. In the above the houses of the owner's sons were located, and the low, the industrial zone dedicated to the trade of oils. Location: Calle Sant Joan, 29
  • Rull House: This house, built in 1900, shares one wall with Gasull House. It is also the work of Domènech i Montaner and therefore it is a house, specifically modernist neo-medieval style. Two facades overlooking the garden, and one on the street Sant Joan, and are united with decorated stone column. Like Gasull house has a ground floor and two floors. Highlights include the first floor balcony decorated with flowers stones, doors, windows and battlements of the entire building. The Reus City Council is the owner since 1925, and was restored in 1996. Location: Calle Sant Joan, 27
  • Marcó House: Built in 1926 by architect Pere Domènech Roura, son of Lluís Domènech Montaner. His style is advanced modernist, in nineteenth-century era. Yet still the strictly conserved in modernist architecture. Location: Raval Santa Anna, 25 Reus
  • Serra House: also known as Cuadrada House or Quadrada House, is the work of Joan Rubio i Bellver. The pharmaceutical Antoni Serra built in 1924, but his death inherited her sister in law, the Cuadrada family, in 1929. Occupied in 1938 the police. Art Nouveau has a symmetrical facade composition, where the polished stone and squared combined. It has ground floor and three floors. Location: Raval Santa Anna,32-34
  • Homdedéu House: built in 1932, was designed by Pere Caselles and neo-Gothic style with Art Nouveau elements. Highlights worked stone railings central balconies. Location: Raval de Sant Pere, 17-21.
  • Querol House: Pere Caselles built in 1901 for the Ferran de Querol and Bofarull, Palau Bofarull owner. The façade has a combination of neoclassical and Gothic styles. Location: Calle Llovera, 17
  • Iglésies Òdena House: adjoining theNavas House down the street from Jesus, No. 3-7. Built in the early twentieth century, contains both the classic facade and interior modernist elements. Of note slabs, wooden doors of access to housing, streetlights and vegetable decoration. It is also the work of Pere Caselles. Location: Calle Jesús, 3-7
  • Jordi Tomás House: building Pere Caselles 1909 Custom notary Jordi Tomás Espinàs. Stresses the first floor railing and female heads with hair typically modernist in facade. Location: Calle Llovera, 19-21.
Guided visit to Reus Modernista:

The Office of Tourism offers tours to Reus Modernista visits, which have a duration of 2-3 hours and includes:
  • Visit the Hall of Distinguished Institute Pere Mata, which is where the tour begin
  • Guided tour of the main buildings of the Modernist Route
  • Guided tour of the Gaudí Centre, where the tour ends
Visit for groups with a maximum of 55 people, prices are as follows:
  • 120 Euros / group working days
  • 140 Euros / groups on Saturdays and holidays
  • 2 Euro / person for inside visits
All tours must be pre-booked through the form on this page.

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