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This 21 October, the Shakedown of the Rally RACC in Salou

Salou. Costa Dorada. The first new 46 RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Dorada, Spain Rally, starts with the section or Shakedown Test, which will be held Thursday 21 October from 8.30 am for the pilots and from 1pm for non-priority. For this 46th edition, Shakedown changes in location, leaving it aside any area of conventional road as was the case until last year, to become a tour of urban and mixed extremely close to the park attendance PortAventura and therefore very accessible to the public, a goal desired by the teams and fully achieved, as this stretch of the tests conform mixed 2.940 kilometers (970 meters land and 1970 feet of asphalt), the same term town of Salou, in the area known as "The Emprius. The RACC has deemed that a where the first special is a mixed-earth road should have a section of mixed evidence, a fact that the organizer has looked carefully and to form a spectacular mini-trial, although a exceptional vision for the viewer in both public areas provided, in an area of land, which will be located above the road, and a second area at the end of the asphalt area. This road is narrow and fast, which will force the placement elements to slow down the speed of the cars on three occasions. This new location, the output of which is located next to the C-31B to Reus Salou on the same input, allows pilots may have established their technical teams in the same park attendance PortAventura, thus facilitating the logistics of equipment, since the test section is located 2.9 kilometers from it. Public access to Shakedown will be free.  

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